Monday, December 30, 2013

New Channel and a New Year!

Hey guys, this is TrulyAmericanGirl. I'm feeling like the blog posts are a once-a-month thing lately...actually, more like once-every-two-months. Heh. Hey, school is crazy! Don't judge :) Anyway, many new things are happening right now, and I'm here to tell you the scoop! First of all, the girl of the year 2014, Isabelle, has been annouced. She has caramel-ish blonde-ish hair it looks like from the pictures I saw, and hazel eyes. She has light skin also and no freckles or bangs. She looks like a mix between Lanie and Mckenna, and personally, I don't think she's very original. AG keeps making dolls that are basically mixes of two other previous GOTY's, like Saige looked like Nikki and Mckenna just looked like a mix of Chrissa and MAG 39 with the caramel hair. (I know #39 isn't a GOTY, but you know what I'm saying.) But that's not the main thing I'm talking about today. The main thing is the NEW CHANNEL that I have made! It's called Tru Daily, and it's a personal Youtube channel for me because I'm now allowed to show my face on youtube! YYYAAAAAYYYY!!!! On Tru Daily I'll be making a new video every week, and the newest will be uploaded either today or tomorrow. My first video was uploaded last Saturday, and it's called "Stalker". The link to my channel is right here: So yeah. Also, today is December 30th! It's the LAST MONDAY OF 2013. WOOOHOOOOOOO! Tomorrow is officially the last day of 2013. It's been a crazy, crazy year, and also one of the hardest years of my life. I moved from the house I'd been living in for 11 years,and it was so hard and I would give anything to move back in. But also, I made many new friends and had some really fun times with my friends! Overall, it was a unique year. Goodbye, 2013.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

American Girl Place + A New Doll!

Hello everyone, it's TrulyAmericanGirl. It's October 12th today, and boy, has time been flying.  I realize it's been a month since my last entry, but not much has happened in that month.  School's been pretty crazy... homework, tests, friends, boys, and trying to keep my YouTube account a secret.  That's been pretty hard- when I'm showing my friends a video on my MacBook and it says I'm signed into "TrulyAmericanGirl" I have to quickly sign out before they see.  It's definitely hard to dodge, but it's also pretty fun!  I feel like Hannah Montana.  I LIVE A DOUBLE LIFE. XD

BAHAHA anyway, I went to the American Girl Place!  I drove to the AG Place Columbus with my dad (well, my dad drove, obviously lol).  It was about a two hour drive from my country home in Kentucky, so it wasn't bad.  The AG Place itself was awesome- and so was the rest of the square that the American girl place was actually in.  There were tons of shops, which I enjoyed looking in after I shopped in the AG Store.  Speaking of shopping in the AG Store, I picked up a special surprise!  I didn't know that I would be getting a doll at all when I came, but I was pleasantly surprised when my dad agreed to buy me my last American Girl Doll; Saige Copeland, Girl of the Year 2013!  She's an adorable doll, and her hair is gorgeous.  I was nervous at first, because when I took her hair out of the hair net it was pretty crazy and frizzy.  But after looking up a "How to Care for you Saige Doll's Hair" video by AGSnapshots and working some magic with a brush and a spray bottle, her hair was in gorgeous ringlets in a matter of minutes.  Her hair may seem scary at first, but trust me -  it's gorgeous once you experiment with twisting different curls and lightly misting it to hold it's curl.  The only trouble I'm having with her hair is re-creating Saige's rope braid.  I've seen many videos on how "easy"  her rope braid is to recreate, but NOOOOOO.  After countless times trying, I gave up and put her hair in a regular braid.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong, or if I just don't have the coordination to recreate the rope braid, but I just cannot do it xD 

But all in all, Saige is awesome. I've renamed her Iris Edgewood. And with Halloween just around the corner, she might just be the star of a Halloween stopmotion!  I usually don't get around to doing Holiday AGSM's... I always forget to make up cute Christmas or Valentine's Day skits when those Holidays come around.  But this year I'm determined to make something that relates to the current Holiday- so look forward to a Halloween AGSM as soon as I retrieve my camera chord from my dad's house.
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, September 7, 2013


HELLO EVERYONE.  It's me, TrulyAmericanGirl, Itzacadoozie, whatever you want to call me.
Well, I'm BACK.  After taking a long, well-deserved break, the blog is back.  You may have noticed that a LOT of my posts are gone- well, that's because I delete the minor ones that I really don't need anymore, and kept the important ones that are worth reading.  Hope you guys don't mind... I just thought it might be time for a little "spring cleaning"!  Anyway, the last time I posted on this blog was in May (I deleted that post, though) so the previous post is my Gulf Shores post (which I made last year), so just know I have done other posts since that one, I just deleted them.
Aaaanyway, I have some updates for y'all.

1.  I started school.  Bleh.  But my summer was amazing-  I went to Florida (again) and Gatlinburg, had many sleepovers, hung out with a lot of friends, went to a lot of parties, and had a lot of fun!  In that time definitely had a shortage of videos, but now I'm finding time to make new ones!
2.  I got 1000 subscribers.  It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating for 10 subscribers- I really can't believe it.  1,000 in a year?  It's crazy- I thank all of my subs for the support. :)  For 1000 subs I'm having a contest-  I made a video about it on my channel.  Go check it out- it'll be really cool!
3.  I moved over the summer.  Yes... I had to painfully leave my wonderful, beautiful, giant house in the middle of a beautiful forest, to move into a small house on a busy street with no yard and one tree.  It's horrible, and I miss our old house so much.
4.  I'm in the middle of making my summer\fall movie- Part 1 was uploaded about two weeks ago, and I'm going to be filming Part 2 in a few days!  It's called Missouri Rose, and it's about a few girls who go to a camp and realize it's haunted.
5.  Because I have moved, I do not have my dollhouse anymore.  Instead I have a dinky, tilted, plastic shelf with my doll stuff crammed onto it in my small basement.  In my old house I had an entire ROOM for my AG Stuff- a huge shelf, and a wonderful set-up.  I'm trying to make it work, but I really just have no space and it's ANNOYING.  I've been on the lookout lately for a bigger shelf, that can actually HOLD my AG stuff, but I haven't had any luck :(
6.  As you can see, American Girl Daily has a new look!  I like it a lot better now, I think it's cleaner and it's way easier to navigate.  I hope all of you guys like it as well!

So that's about it.  I'm going to try and update this blog every two or three weeks-  keep on following, commenting, and stuff like that!
Thanks for reading :D

Monday, August 6, 2012

Our awesome vacation + sorry I've been gone!

Hey guys, I'm sooo sorry I've been gone for the past 2 weeks.  I've been on vacation!  It was so much fun! We went to Gulf Shores, Alabama.  We had a huge, beautiful condo and the beach was GORGEOUS!! I'm uploading some Gulf Shores Vlogs now.  I went with my three cousins, Hannah, McKenzie and Logan, my aunt and uncle, and my mom.  We had a blast!  On Saturday, (which was July 28th) we started to unpack and we went to the beach.  The next day, Sunday, we went to the beach and pool all day long!  We saw lots of fish swimming in the ocean, which was cool considering how close we were to the shore.  On Monday we went to the beach and the pool, then ate lunch at this place in the resort called the Poolside Grill. 
There are four condos and three pools in the resort.  They are called Avalon, Bristol, Catalina, and Doral. We stayed in the Avalon condo, which was really nice. 
Also, everything was walking distance in the resort.  The restaurants, some of the souvenir shops, and ice cream place, the beach, the pool- everything was outside our condo! It was so fun!
On Tuesday we went Putt-Putt golfing and shopped for sounvenirs.  I got this really cute light blue Gulf Shores purse, and a green bracelet.  When we went Putt-Putt golfing I got 5th place, so you can't call me a pro golfer... :)  We also painted sand dollars!
On Wednesday we went to the beach and pool (as always) and then tie-dyed shirts at the Bristol pool.  It was so awesome to see all of the colors! 
Tuesday was SUPER fun- we went parasailing!  We rode on this boat called the banana boat all the was out into the ocean.  The banana boat was pulled by a water ski\jet ski type thing that was going super fast.  The only thing was, the banana boat was basically blow-up, and you sat on it and held on to one little rubber bar and tried to hold on for dear life as you sped across the ocean.  My cousin Hannah kept falling over, and we were all laughing so hard but kept getting salt water in our eyes and mouth as we laughed! It was crazy!  When we finally arrived at the other boat to get on the parasail, I was sort of glad to be off the crazy, salt-water spraying, rocky banana boat.  My cousin Logan and my uncle went first, then me and my two cousins Hannah and McKenzie went.  The view was amazing from up there, and the ocean looked soooo pretty!!!  It was totally awesome.
Friday was our last day, so we tried to make the best of it!  We went swimming in the pool, and built tons of sandcastles on the beach.  We swam in the ocean, and later on we went to this karaoke thing in the resort.  I sang two songs, and we danced to the other karaoke songs.  Also we invited a few boys- and I will say no more about that- but it was a SUPER fun night!  Later, at 3 in the morning, we had to leave to go home.  It was one of the best vacations ever!
So, that explains where I've been!  Here are some pictures!

                 This is our condo, the Avalon!
                  Sam standing on the beach
                          I love palm trees....
                  Sam loved playing in the ocean!
                             The waves!
              The sunset looks really beautiful!
           A pretty pink flower after it rained
                     Sam by a palm tree

And if you want to see the rest of the pics, watch Sam's Beach Photoshoot, which will be uploaded soon!
See you!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

AG Place Chicago!

Hey guys,
so I realize I've been gone lately, not updating the blog or anything.  But I've been at the American Girl Place! It was an AMAZING trip, so much fun, and I'm definitely going again next year.  I have tons of pictures that I'd like to share with you! Here are some!

                          My new doll, Sky!

It was such a fun 4-day trip and I am definitely uploading all of the videos I've made in Chicago!!! :D  I've already uploaded some Chicago vlogs and some other videos that I uploaded at home, too, so you can check those out now!
Thank you for reading everyone!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good News: Boy Doll, Summer Movie, and New Historical AG!

Hey everyone, guess what? Okay, so I put three new videos on my Videos, so you can check that out.  Anyway, I have THREE good news to share with all of you.
First:  I've always wanted an American BOY Doll, which they obviously don't make, so why not make my own?  Sometime this month, I will be ordering a boy wig that fits AG Dolls, and take off Kit's wig and glue on the boy wig to make my very own American Boy Doll!!!!  I'm so excited to do it, and his\her name will be Tanner...something (I don't know the last name yet, I think it's going to be Johnson though) so I'm super excited about that!!  I'll make a video of me re-wigging Kit when I actually get the wig in the mail.
Second:  I'm going to make a MOVIE!!!!!!  It'll probably be here around the time after I re-wig Kit and make her into a boy,  because one of the main characters is a boy, and...yeah.  I made a video about this, and  it's on my videos, but only THIS blog post tells you what the movie is about-  and here's what it's about!
Annabeth Greyson is a normal thirteen year old girl who lives in Manhatten, New York.  She is so glad when her parents say that they're going on a cruise- and taking Annabeth with them.  So Annabeth packs up and is ready to go on the cruise.  Annabeth, of course, had never been sailing in a boat before, and when she gets too close to the edge....
After Annabeth fell overboard, two weeks later she woke up on an island where she meets a girl named Akika and her brother Kurik.  They show her around the island, letting her stay in their shelter and eat the food they collected.  But, the evil women Bertha Canckleburry, (nicknamed Milady) captures the three islanders on her ship, the Titanic Torch.  She tries to cut down all of the palm trees to build factories and destroy the beautiful island- and meanwhile, she takes Kurik, Akika and Annabeth to a dark, dismal orphanage.  Can the trio escape to save their island and get their freedom?  And will Annabeth ever make it home back to New York?  Find out in my new movie, Wildlife!
So that's the description- if you like it, just comment below!  :)  I'll probably make it after Gone Hollywood or at the very end of it.  It'll be a movie, not a series, so it'll have about six parts and each part will be roughly twelve minutes long, but I'm not really sure about how many parts I'll split it into yet.  
Third:  I went on American Girl's Facebook page today, and they said they're making a new Historical Doll named Caroline Abbott in September!!! I'm so excited to see what she looks like, and hopefully she won't be so pretty because I'm getting my last doll in June at the AG Place and I don't want to have to force myself to not get her.  I just hope she doesn't have red hair, because red haired dolls are just so tempting for me to buy.  Hehehe....anyway, the movie will be coming after I make Kit into Tanner, "Tanner" will be coming as soon as I order the wig, and keep in mind-  a new Historical Doll is coming this fall!  
See ya,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Girl Place here I come!

Hi guys, it's Itzacadoozie with some big news!  First:  I put a new video in Videos, and it's just a random video that you can see now. 
Okay, so for years now I've always been wanting to go to the American Girl Place.   I've begged with my parents over and over again, and just yesterday they finally said yes!  I am so excited, because next month (in June) I will be traveling by plane to the wonderful AG Place in Chicago!!!!  I am so glad I'm going I just can't wait a whole month to go.  So like I said before, we will be traveling by plane (it's just me and my mom, so it's a girl's trip!) and also we're staying in a really pretty hotel just down the street from the American Girl Place, so it's in walking distance. I will definitely bring my video camera, and when we're in the airport, on the plane, in the hotel, and in the actual AG Store I'll be filming it every step of the way so you guys can all see it.  I just can't wait to go next month and hopefully May will fly by fast so June can come...and that means AG Place time!  I will also be buying a doll (which will officially be my LAST doll), and I'm thinking of getting the doll with short red hair, green eyes, and freckles.  I will make a poll of what I should name her.  Also I'd like a few outfits, but I made a wishlist, too.
1.  Doll
2.  Tennis Outfit
3.  Pretty Plaid Dress
4.  Raspberry Glasses
5.  Hair Care Set
Even though it's only five things, it's all very expensive, so I doubt I'll get all of it, but it's fun to hope, right? :)  Anyway, see ya!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Camera Broke!

Hey everyone!  So, I have some good news and bad news. 
 Good News:  Skie's A Spy (my new series)  will be coming shortly as soon as Episodes 9 and 10 of War will be up soon.  (I just uploaded Episode 8 and it's on my blog!)
Bad News:  My camera broke yesterday  :(  :(  (I accidentily ran over it with my bike!) Yes, it's true-  but that doesn't mean no videos, because I have another video camera that I've filmed some episodes of War with.  Hopefully my camera will be fixed soon, but for now I'll be recording Skie's A Spy and all those other videos with my older video camera.
So hopefully everything will be up soon!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An American Girl Daily Blog Follower's Doll Hair Washing Pictures

Hey guys, this is Itzacadoozie here, and a really nice follower of my blog named Funky Monkey tried out my hair washing trick on the Tips & Tricks section. Here are the results!

Here is one of her dolls, Emily, after she got her hair
shampooed and conditioned.

Here is the finished result- 
Funky Monkey's three dolls,
 McKenna, Chrissy, and Emily, all look gorgeous! 

So that's how Funky Monkey tried out my hair washing tip, and you can try it out, too! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Family Photo!

                               All of my dolls! 

My Doll's Profiles

Hey everyone, for all of you that want to know a little about my dolls, here are their profiles!

Age: 9
Likes:  Ballet, Anything Girly or Pink

Age: 13
Likes:  Sewing, Fashion

Age: 13
Likes:  Skateboarding, Singing, Playing Guitar

Age: 12
Likes:  Cooking, Baking

Age: 11
Likes:  Scultping, Ceramics, Bulding

Age: 12
Likes: Drawing & Painting

Age: 10
Likes:  Writing & Making up stories

Age: 9
Likes:  Animals, The Outdoors, Planting

So those are my doll's profiles!  I'll have a "family" photo posted soon.  See ya!

Welcome to American Girl Daily!

Hi, my name is Itzacadoozie, and if you're like me, you love dolls. Especially American Girl Dolls, from the famous American Girl Company.  I love to collect American Girl Dolls, and I recently purchased Kaya, a Native American Historical Character from 1777.  I have a passion for dolls, and I will be making all sorts of videos, pictures, and posts about my eight dolls. On the next blog entry, I will be telling you about my dolls (and of course their profiles) so you can "get to know" them!  Thanks!