Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An American Girl Daily Blog Follower's Doll Hair Washing Pictures

Hey guys, this is Itzacadoozie here, and a really nice follower of my blog named Funky Monkey tried out my hair washing trick on the Tips & Tricks section. Here are the results!

Here is one of her dolls, Emily, after she got her hair
shampooed and conditioned.

Here is the finished result- 
Funky Monkey's three dolls,
 McKenna, Chrissy, and Emily, all look gorgeous! 

So that's how Funky Monkey tried out my hair washing tip, and you can try it out, too! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Family Photo!

                               All of my dolls! 

My Doll's Profiles

Hey everyone, for all of you that want to know a little about my dolls, here are their profiles!

Age: 9
Likes:  Ballet, Anything Girly or Pink

Age: 13
Likes:  Sewing, Fashion

Age: 13
Likes:  Skateboarding, Singing, Playing Guitar

Age: 12
Likes:  Cooking, Baking

Age: 11
Likes:  Scultping, Ceramics, Bulding

Age: 12
Likes: Drawing & Painting

Age: 10
Likes:  Writing & Making up stories

Age: 9
Likes:  Animals, The Outdoors, Planting

So those are my doll's profiles!  I'll have a "family" photo posted soon.  See ya!

Welcome to American Girl Daily!

Hi, my name is Itzacadoozie, and if you're like me, you love dolls. Especially American Girl Dolls, from the famous American Girl Company.  I love to collect American Girl Dolls, and I recently purchased Kaya, a Native American Historical Character from 1777.  I have a passion for dolls, and I will be making all sorts of videos, pictures, and posts about my eight dolls. On the next blog entry, I will be telling you about my dolls (and of course their profiles) so you can "get to know" them!  Thanks!