Hey everyone! Alot of blog-readers and video-watchers of mine often ask many questions about my dolls, how I make some of my videos, and more. Here's some answers!
How many dolls do you have?
I currently have eight, and I also own a doll I share with my cousin.
I subbed you, will you sub me?
I'll only subscribe if I really like your videos, sorry.
What camera do you use?
The Nikon Coolpix S62000- it's an awesome camera!
Do you recommend any dolls?
Well, that's hard to say. Everyone has their own opinions on dolls, but if you ask me if I recommend a doll that I own, I'll say YES! :) I love all of my dolls!
Will you enter my contest?

No sorry, I don't enter contests unless they're virtual prizes.
Can I send you\can you send me a package?
I'm not allowed to give out my address to somebody I don't know, so sorry about that! 
When will you make a video? I want you to!
I apologize if I'm not making videos often, but I'm super busy like everyone else is! :)
Can you do more episodes of ____?
Yes, I will do more episodes of a series I'm doing when I have the chance too, I'll probably make a video or something if the episode is going to be delayed.
Why can't you show your face?
My parents don't want me to because it's not entirely safe to show your face on Youtube or my blog. 
Will you be getting a reborn?
I'm not really sure! Maybe!
Will you be making more TrulyAmericanGirl\American Girl Daily Posters soon?
Yes, I'm going to make the other four posters as soon as I get a chance to take them to the developer! 
Can you make a shout-out video for me?
Sometimes I do this if I'm friends with the person and I want other people to watch their videos and they don't have alot of subscribers I'll do a "subscribe to this person" video, or I just like their videos in general I'll do one, but if somebody I don't know asks me to, I need to watch some of your videos before I do a shout-out.
Hey! Can you teach me how to...
Many people have questions about how I make stopmotions, how I edit my videos, etc. I'll probably either just reply to your comment or message telling you how to, or I might make a how-to video.
What editing system do you use?
I use Pinnacle Studio Ultimate.  It's amazing!

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