Saturday, October 12, 2013

American Girl Place + A New Doll!

Hello everyone, it's TrulyAmericanGirl. It's October 12th today, and boy, has time been flying.  I realize it's been a month since my last entry, but not much has happened in that month.  School's been pretty crazy... homework, tests, friends, boys, and trying to keep my YouTube account a secret.  That's been pretty hard- when I'm showing my friends a video on my MacBook and it says I'm signed into "TrulyAmericanGirl" I have to quickly sign out before they see.  It's definitely hard to dodge, but it's also pretty fun!  I feel like Hannah Montana.  I LIVE A DOUBLE LIFE. XD

BAHAHA anyway, I went to the American Girl Place!  I drove to the AG Place Columbus with my dad (well, my dad drove, obviously lol).  It was about a two hour drive from my country home in Kentucky, so it wasn't bad.  The AG Place itself was awesome- and so was the rest of the square that the American girl place was actually in.  There were tons of shops, which I enjoyed looking in after I shopped in the AG Store.  Speaking of shopping in the AG Store, I picked up a special surprise!  I didn't know that I would be getting a doll at all when I came, but I was pleasantly surprised when my dad agreed to buy me my last American Girl Doll; Saige Copeland, Girl of the Year 2013!  She's an adorable doll, and her hair is gorgeous.  I was nervous at first, because when I took her hair out of the hair net it was pretty crazy and frizzy.  But after looking up a "How to Care for you Saige Doll's Hair" video by AGSnapshots and working some magic with a brush and a spray bottle, her hair was in gorgeous ringlets in a matter of minutes.  Her hair may seem scary at first, but trust me -  it's gorgeous once you experiment with twisting different curls and lightly misting it to hold it's curl.  The only trouble I'm having with her hair is re-creating Saige's rope braid.  I've seen many videos on how "easy"  her rope braid is to recreate, but NOOOOOO.  After countless times trying, I gave up and put her hair in a regular braid.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong, or if I just don't have the coordination to recreate the rope braid, but I just cannot do it xD 

But all in all, Saige is awesome. I've renamed her Iris Edgewood. And with Halloween just around the corner, she might just be the star of a Halloween stopmotion!  I usually don't get around to doing Holiday AGSM's... I always forget to make up cute Christmas or Valentine's Day skits when those Holidays come around.  But this year I'm determined to make something that relates to the current Holiday- so look forward to a Halloween AGSM as soon as I retrieve my camera chord from my dad's house.
Thanks for reading!