Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good News: Boy Doll, Summer Movie, and New Historical AG!

Hey everyone, guess what? Okay, so I put three new videos on my Videos, so you can check that out.  Anyway, I have THREE good news to share with all of you.
First:  I've always wanted an American BOY Doll, which they obviously don't make, so why not make my own?  Sometime this month, I will be ordering a boy wig that fits AG Dolls, and take off Kit's wig and glue on the boy wig to make my very own American Boy Doll!!!!  I'm so excited to do it, and his\her name will be Tanner...something (I don't know the last name yet, I think it's going to be Johnson though) so I'm super excited about that!!  I'll make a video of me re-wigging Kit when I actually get the wig in the mail.
Second:  I'm going to make a MOVIE!!!!!!  It'll probably be here around the time after I re-wig Kit and make her into a boy,  because one of the main characters is a boy, and...yeah.  I made a video about this, and  it's on my videos, but only THIS blog post tells you what the movie is about-  and here's what it's about!
Annabeth Greyson is a normal thirteen year old girl who lives in Manhatten, New York.  She is so glad when her parents say that they're going on a cruise- and taking Annabeth with them.  So Annabeth packs up and is ready to go on the cruise.  Annabeth, of course, had never been sailing in a boat before, and when she gets too close to the edge....
After Annabeth fell overboard, two weeks later she woke up on an island where she meets a girl named Akika and her brother Kurik.  They show her around the island, letting her stay in their shelter and eat the food they collected.  But, the evil women Bertha Canckleburry, (nicknamed Milady) captures the three islanders on her ship, the Titanic Torch.  She tries to cut down all of the palm trees to build factories and destroy the beautiful island- and meanwhile, she takes Kurik, Akika and Annabeth to a dark, dismal orphanage.  Can the trio escape to save their island and get their freedom?  And will Annabeth ever make it home back to New York?  Find out in my new movie, Wildlife!
So that's the description- if you like it, just comment below!  :)  I'll probably make it after Gone Hollywood or at the very end of it.  It'll be a movie, not a series, so it'll have about six parts and each part will be roughly twelve minutes long, but I'm not really sure about how many parts I'll split it into yet.  
Third:  I went on American Girl's Facebook page today, and they said they're making a new Historical Doll named Caroline Abbott in September!!! I'm so excited to see what she looks like, and hopefully she won't be so pretty because I'm getting my last doll in June at the AG Place and I don't want to have to force myself to not get her.  I just hope she doesn't have red hair, because red haired dolls are just so tempting for me to buy.  Hehehe....anyway, the movie will be coming after I make Kit into Tanner, "Tanner" will be coming as soon as I order the wig, and keep in mind-  a new Historical Doll is coming this fall!  
See ya,

Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Girl Place here I come!

Hi guys, it's Itzacadoozie with some big news!  First:  I put a new video in Videos, and it's just a random video that you can see now. 
Okay, so for years now I've always been wanting to go to the American Girl Place.   I've begged with my parents over and over again, and just yesterday they finally said yes!  I am so excited, because next month (in June) I will be traveling by plane to the wonderful AG Place in Chicago!!!!  I am so glad I'm going I just can't wait a whole month to go.  So like I said before, we will be traveling by plane (it's just me and my mom, so it's a girl's trip!) and also we're staying in a really pretty hotel just down the street from the American Girl Place, so it's in walking distance. I will definitely bring my video camera, and when we're in the airport, on the plane, in the hotel, and in the actual AG Store I'll be filming it every step of the way so you guys can all see it.  I just can't wait to go next month and hopefully May will fly by fast so June can come...and that means AG Place time!  I will also be buying a doll (which will officially be my LAST doll), and I'm thinking of getting the doll with short red hair, green eyes, and freckles.  I will make a poll of what I should name her.  Also I'd like a few outfits, but I made a wishlist, too.
1.  Doll
2.  Tennis Outfit
3.  Pretty Plaid Dress
4.  Raspberry Glasses
5.  Hair Care Set
Even though it's only five things, it's all very expensive, so I doubt I'll get all of it, but it's fun to hope, right? :)  Anyway, see ya!