Tips and Tricks

American Girl Hair:

(a) American Girl Doll's hair can get messed up easily, so if you want to brush it, use an American Girl brush and not a regular hairbrush. Regular hair brushes can pull out American Girl Doll's hair and make it greasy, but an American Girl Brush is meant especially for wigs for AG Dolls. You can get an American Girl brush at 

(b) Does your doll's hair need a washing? No problem. Washing your doll's hair is a sinch, if you follow the six simple steps. Also, before washing please cover your doll's eyes with a cloth or cotten balls because dolls CAN NOT GET THEIR EYES WET.
1. Take your doll's clothes off and wrap her in a towel so her outfit doesn't get wet.

2. Fill up a tub (or a sink) with lukewarm water.

3. Wet your doll's hair, then condition it with any conditioner you have. (There's no special kind.)

4. When the conditioner is in, brush your doll's hair with an American Girl Brush till it's smooth.

5. Rinse your doll's hair completely of the conditioner and brush it once more.

6. Let your doll's hair dry out, and when it is fully dry brush it out again.

Hope that this helped!

American Girl Hairstyles

The Triple Braid

To do The Triple Braid on your doll, your doll must have long hair. If your doll has short hair, this hairstyle might not work. Here are the steps to do it:
1. Gather your doll's hair into three sections.
2. Braid each section of your doll's hair until you have three braids in the back of her haid.
3. Then, take the three braids and braid the braids.
And there you have the Triple Braid!
Side Swept Bangs

To do the side swept bangs style, it is easier to do this on a doll with bangs, but it can work with a doll with no bangs, also.

1. Make sure your doll's hair is down and not in a ponytail or any other style.

2. Take a section of hair and brush it over your doll's forehead, and hold the hair in place.

3. Then get a clip and clip the hair so that the hair stays swept over the doll's forehead.

And there you go, your doll has side-swept bangs!

Fishtail Braid

To do a fun style on your doll, try a fishtail braid!  All you do is:
1. Gather your doll's hair into two sections.
2.  Take a piece of hair from one section and put it into the other section.
3.  Take a piece of hair from the other section and put it into the other section.
4.  Keep putting hair from each section into the other section until you have a fishtail braid fully completed! :)

American Girl Outfit-making
AG Skirt

Want a cute American Girl Skirt for your dolls- made by you? Follow the simple steps to make your own American Girl Skirt!

1. Get an old shirt or another old material (ask a parent if it's okay if you can cut it up!)

2. Draw a picture of a skirt on the material you have and make sure that it looks like it's wide and tall enough to fit your doll's waist.
3. Cut out the skirt you drew so you have a piece of cloth that looks like a skirt.
4. Take the piece of skirt you just cut out and trace it on the material you have to make an exact replica of the other piece of skirt.
5. You now should have two pieces of skirt identical to each other. Sew the two pieces together, but make sure not to sew the parts of the skirt where your doll's waist and legs stick through.
And there you have it, a simple AG Skirt for your doll!

Tip: If you want to make the stitching on your skirt invisible, turn the skirt inside out before sewing it together.

AG Shirt

Want a nice home-made shirt for you doll?
Here are the steps to do so!
1.  Put your doll on a piece of fabric and trase around her to get an idea of how big the shirt should be (NOTE: use chalk to draw it, and don't get any on your doll!)
2.  Once you know how big the shirt should be, draw it out in chalk on the fabric and cut it out. 
3.  Once you've cut the front part of the shirt out, place it on the same piece of fabric.
4.  Trace around the shirt so you've drawn something identical to the one you have now.
5. Cut out the other piece of shirt.
6. Match the two pieces of shirt together and sew them.  Make sure to not sew up the bottom, neck, or end of the sleeves so your doll can actually get into the shirt!
7.  Decorate it any way you want! 


  1. I love your hair washing tip! I will try and post a picture.

    1. Thanks! You can also see some videos I have posted on the videos page.... like the tour of my American Girl House and more.

    2. Thanks you rock! You told me alot of things I needed to know about AG dolls THXS

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  3. can you blow dry a AG dolls hair

    1. If you blow dry AG Doll's hair it will get really frizzy, so I advise you don't blow dry it. Just let your doll's hair air-dry and make sure the hair isn't smushed in a tight space so it will be hard to dry.

  4. It's cool your dolls live in a loft. Oh, and it's okay you couldn't post the pic.

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