Meet the Dolls of AG Daily!

Meet the dolls of American Girl Daily!

Name:  Kate Mary Dayley
Age:  10
Birthday:  November 28th
Personality:  Girly, Cute, Spunky, (and at some times, bossy)
Hair Color:  Blonde
Eye Color:  Blue
Likes:   Ballet, Dancing, Anything pink

Name:  Hillary Rose Penderwick 
Age:  13
Birthday:  February 17th
Personality:  Kind, Loud, Funny
Hair Color:  Dark red
Eye Color:  Sea Blue
Likes:  Sewing, Clothes, Fashion, Shopping

Name:  Kristi Elizabeth Stone
Age: 14
Birthday:  April 26th
Personality:  Nice, Cool, Musical
Hair Color:  Caramel Blonde
Eye Color:  Light blue
Likes:  Playing guitar, playing piano, acting, singing

Name:  Kanani Moana Akina
Age:  12
Birthday:  June 22nd
Personality:  Thoughtful, Quiet, Kind
Hair Color:  Light Brown
Eye Color:  Hazel
Likes:  Cooking, Baking, eating sweets! :)

Name:  Sam Taylor Schneider
Age:  11
Birthday:  September 1st
Personality: Adventurous,  Creative, Kind 
Hair Color:  Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Likes:  Painting, Drawing, Art, Sculpting

Name:  Alaina Quinn Melendi
Age:  10
Birthday:  August 4th
Personality:  Quiet, Nice, Smart
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:  Hazel
Likes:  Reading, Writing, School

Name:  Ava Mckenzie Sisman
Age:  11
Birthday:  December 11th
Personality:  Funny, Cool, Nice
Hair Color:  Strawberry red
Eye Color:  Dark brown
Likes:  Photography, Taking Pictures, the Outdoors

Name:  Nara Malea Hawakon
Age:  10
Birthday:  October 31st
Personality:  Quiet, Thoughtful, Kind
Hair Color: Dark Black
Eye Color:   Dark Brown
Likes:  Animals, Nature, Outdoors

Name:  Tanner Jack White
Age:  13
Birthday:  May 5th
Personality:  Cool, Kind, Sporty
Hair Color:  Brown
Eye Color:   Dark Blue
Likes:  Football, Basketball, Baseball
Name: Sky Katniss Hyacinth Everdeen
Age:  9
Birthday:  March 23rd
Personality:  Sporty, Adventurous, Awesome
Hair Color:  Light red
Eye Color:  Grass Green
Likes:  Sports, Sports, and more sports!


  1. I <3 Ava!!
    -Lil Liz

  2. How about, Jillian Michelle Winston -©tm.2012

  3. Jillian Michelle Winston a.k.a. "Chai"

  4. Hunger Games in Sky's name? Nice! I love it. :)