Saturday, September 7, 2013


HELLO EVERYONE.  It's me, TrulyAmericanGirl, Itzacadoozie, whatever you want to call me.
Well, I'm BACK.  After taking a long, well-deserved break, the blog is back.  You may have noticed that a LOT of my posts are gone- well, that's because I delete the minor ones that I really don't need anymore, and kept the important ones that are worth reading.  Hope you guys don't mind... I just thought it might be time for a little "spring cleaning"!  Anyway, the last time I posted on this blog was in May (I deleted that post, though) so the previous post is my Gulf Shores post (which I made last year), so just know I have done other posts since that one, I just deleted them.
Aaaanyway, I have some updates for y'all.

1.  I started school.  Bleh.  But my summer was amazing-  I went to Florida (again) and Gatlinburg, had many sleepovers, hung out with a lot of friends, went to a lot of parties, and had a lot of fun!  In that time definitely had a shortage of videos, but now I'm finding time to make new ones!
2.  I got 1000 subscribers.  It seems like just yesterday I was celebrating for 10 subscribers- I really can't believe it.  1,000 in a year?  It's crazy- I thank all of my subs for the support. :)  For 1000 subs I'm having a contest-  I made a video about it on my channel.  Go check it out- it'll be really cool!
3.  I moved over the summer.  Yes... I had to painfully leave my wonderful, beautiful, giant house in the middle of a beautiful forest, to move into a small house on a busy street with no yard and one tree.  It's horrible, and I miss our old house so much.
4.  I'm in the middle of making my summer\fall movie- Part 1 was uploaded about two weeks ago, and I'm going to be filming Part 2 in a few days!  It's called Missouri Rose, and it's about a few girls who go to a camp and realize it's haunted.
5.  Because I have moved, I do not have my dollhouse anymore.  Instead I have a dinky, tilted, plastic shelf with my doll stuff crammed onto it in my small basement.  In my old house I had an entire ROOM for my AG Stuff- a huge shelf, and a wonderful set-up.  I'm trying to make it work, but I really just have no space and it's ANNOYING.  I've been on the lookout lately for a bigger shelf, that can actually HOLD my AG stuff, but I haven't had any luck :(
6.  As you can see, American Girl Daily has a new look!  I like it a lot better now, I think it's cleaner and it's way easier to navigate.  I hope all of you guys like it as well!

So that's about it.  I'm going to try and update this blog every two or three weeks-  keep on following, commenting, and stuff like that!
Thanks for reading :D