Thursday, May 10, 2012

American Girl Place here I come!

Hi guys, it's Itzacadoozie with some big news!  First:  I put a new video in Videos, and it's just a random video that you can see now. 
Okay, so for years now I've always been wanting to go to the American Girl Place.   I've begged with my parents over and over again, and just yesterday they finally said yes!  I am so excited, because next month (in June) I will be traveling by plane to the wonderful AG Place in Chicago!!!!  I am so glad I'm going I just can't wait a whole month to go.  So like I said before, we will be traveling by plane (it's just me and my mom, so it's a girl's trip!) and also we're staying in a really pretty hotel just down the street from the American Girl Place, so it's in walking distance. I will definitely bring my video camera, and when we're in the airport, on the plane, in the hotel, and in the actual AG Store I'll be filming it every step of the way so you guys can all see it.  I just can't wait to go next month and hopefully May will fly by fast so June can come...and that means AG Place time!  I will also be buying a doll (which will officially be my LAST doll), and I'm thinking of getting the doll with short red hair, green eyes, and freckles.  I will make a poll of what I should name her.  Also I'd like a few outfits, but I made a wishlist, too.
1.  Doll
2.  Tennis Outfit
3.  Pretty Plaid Dress
4.  Raspberry Glasses
5.  Hair Care Set
Even though it's only five things, it's all very expensive, so I doubt I'll get all of it, but it's fun to hope, right? :)  Anyway, see ya!

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