Monday, December 30, 2013

New Channel and a New Year!

Hey guys, this is TrulyAmericanGirl. I'm feeling like the blog posts are a once-a-month thing lately...actually, more like once-every-two-months. Heh. Hey, school is crazy! Don't judge :) Anyway, many new things are happening right now, and I'm here to tell you the scoop! First of all, the girl of the year 2014, Isabelle, has been annouced. She has caramel-ish blonde-ish hair it looks like from the pictures I saw, and hazel eyes. She has light skin also and no freckles or bangs. She looks like a mix between Lanie and Mckenna, and personally, I don't think she's very original. AG keeps making dolls that are basically mixes of two other previous GOTY's, like Saige looked like Nikki and Mckenna just looked like a mix of Chrissa and MAG 39 with the caramel hair. (I know #39 isn't a GOTY, but you know what I'm saying.) But that's not the main thing I'm talking about today. The main thing is the NEW CHANNEL that I have made! It's called Tru Daily, and it's a personal Youtube channel for me because I'm now allowed to show my face on youtube! YYYAAAAAYYYY!!!! On Tru Daily I'll be making a new video every week, and the newest will be uploaded either today or tomorrow. My first video was uploaded last Saturday, and it's called "Stalker". The link to my channel is right here: So yeah. Also, today is December 30th! It's the LAST MONDAY OF 2013. WOOOHOOOOOOO! Tomorrow is officially the last day of 2013. It's been a crazy, crazy year, and also one of the hardest years of my life. I moved from the house I'd been living in for 11 years,and it was so hard and I would give anything to move back in. But also, I made many new friends and had some really fun times with my friends! Overall, it was a unique year. Goodbye, 2013.

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